Über mich

So, what is there to say? I am an INTP who works on team based projects. (WTF? how does that work?, you may ask).. Well, I ♥️ video games & I love creative people. Being that most in the game industry have a LOT of the same interests, it works out amazingly. I may be quiet at first, but once I warm up to you, you wont be able to get me to shut up.. NOTE: The cheat to skip this warming up section is to just hand me a cup of strong coffee.

You may be squealing "CHEAT CODE UNLOCKED!” but be prepared for a problem solver rambling about possible solutions to problems presented.

Another note is that although I work well in team-based environments, I can also work well when left to my own devices.

How I Nerd Out

It does not matter what my time is spent on as long as I get to create. Wether that be working in a traditional medium like oils or sketching, music, to more complex creations such as code, hardware modifications, shaders, encoding (finding the ratio of best image quality, audio quality and memory footprint)

Musikalische Interessen

I am by no means a musician, but I do tend to throw noises together in hopes of it sounding somewhat tolerable.

I love listening to a wide range of music from:

Boards of Canada, Sigur Rös, Mogwai, MONO, Massive Attack, Radio Head, Grandaddy, Modeselektor, A$AP Rocky, David Bowie, Action Bronson, Sage Francis. This list will grow to an obscene proportion but as i'm developing the site, this will be a placeholder.


Ich liebe eine Menge von den Sachen aus den 80er Jahren und krank re-watch sie auf Schleife. (Im Moment beobachte ich Polizeiakademie=]

Personal But Relevant

While working on Bioshock: The Collection , I was diagnosed with cancer. Fast forward to today and I’m a vital organ short, alive, and ready to make some crazy stuff with a drive one can only attain from almost dying. I have a lot of stuff to accomplish, lets get it done.

Vor Spiele

Before I got the opportunity to work in video games, I was a new media developer for:
Devil Driver
Coal Chamber
Ill Nino
36 Crazyfists
40 Below Summer

Before I was a new media developer I did concert security for bands (The guy at the front of the stage who kept wacky kids from rushing and trying to touch the band members). annnnnnd before that I was a bouncer.