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Ich war der Senior UI Artist für dieses Projekt und behandelte Video Upscaling & Encoding, 3D Modeling, UVing, Texturierung, Rendering der UI Assets. Ich habe die Plasmide in einer höheren Auflösung neu erstellt, die Aufräumung von veralteten Flash-Assets bearbeitet und die UI für HD umstrukturiert.

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Genesis Prado

"Frank is an amazing artist. He is very focused and dedicated on his works. Professional and always on top on any tasks. He is also very friendly and easy to work with. I support and recommend him to any companies."

Genesis Prado | 3D Environment Texture/Shader Artist at Naughty Dog

"In addition to his talents as a 2D artist, Frank is technically adept and has a wide variety of abilities (like video editing) and that make him a valuable resource to the team."

Robert Berger | Lead Mission Designer at 2K

"Frank is a great guy to work with. With masterful and skillful execution, he completes his job excellently. He has great artistic sensibility and is flexible when the gears shift. I recommend him as a great HUD/UI Artist."

Alex Mandra | Concept Artist at Marvel Studios

"Frank is a great team player with a really approachable personality. It was a joy working with a talented artist such as himself."

Jackson Sze | Senior Illustrator at Marvel Studios


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